Mission: To Preserve the History of the Greatest Fighter Jet the United States Navy Has Ever Flown.

Dear Tomcat Flyers, Fixers, and Fans,

This year is the 11th anniversary of the Tomcat Sunset. The retirement of the world’s most capable Fighter, and later Strike/Fighter. I dare say that it lives on in our hearts and minds just as strongly today as back then.

Highlights since the last update:

  • Your Board of Directors have been very busy working with museums on their F-14 static displays to help preserve them. We have been providing technical information, and our artisans have developed/produced two different nose gear strut braces to keep the Tomcat in the proper “perch”.
  • The 2016 Virginia Beach reunion last September was one for the books.  Highlights included:
    • NAS Oceana Air Show
    • Visit to the Military Aviation Museum
    • Happy Hour and Panel Discussions with great friends and fans.  Dennis Romano told the riveting tail of the F-14/F-15 fly-off at Andrews AFB that resulted in the sale of the F-14 to the Shah of Iran’s Air Force. Other panelists shared their tales as well.
    • Banquet Dinner at the Doubletree Hotel featuring guest of honor David Grumman, and featured guest speaker Dave “Bio” Baranek
    • David Grumman, the son of LeRoy Grumman, had a front row seat to the designing of many incredible Grumman aircraft, including the F-14. He told some very interesting stories about his father and some of the early days, even preceding the formation of Grumman, as well as sharing some fascinating photographs. Thank you, David!
    • Bio Baranek wowed the crowd with anecdotes from his Topgun days and other wonders of flying at Miramar. 
  • We updated our web site and online tools so that you can get more from your membership and are working on a store to buy your favorite F-14 patches, and memorabilia. Note that you can pay your dues, read interesting stories, search for other members, and keep up with planned reunions and various Tomcat related activities around the country.
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