Mission: To Preserve the History of the Greatest Fighter Jet the United States Navy Has Ever Flown.

Dear Tomcat Flyers, Fixers, and Fans

Your F-14 Tomcat Association Board of Directors is working diligently to prepare for an outstanding reunion in Pensacola Florida. From the F-14 Association web site, select the “Flight Schedule” tab and you will see the link to a live registration form. From there, you can register for the reunion, and sign up for each individual event, depending on your personal schedule. There is also a link to the current schedule, summarized below.

The panel discussions promise to be very lively. Tom Reilly will tell the story of aircraft#1’s fateful last flight, and other T&E highlights, and we are organizing other panels that promise to be both interesting and stimulating.

We are also working to get a senior active duty Naval Aviation Flag Officer (and Tomcat driver) to be the speaker for the banquet on Saturday night. Look for updates on the web site over the next couple of weeks.

Hampton Inn and Suites on Pensacola Beach
Room Reservations: 1-800-320-8108
(Ask for Group Reservations – F-14 Association)
Gulf Front with Balcony – $179, South Side Rooms - $149

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logoDear Tomcat Flyers, Fixers, and Fans

The F-14 Tomcat Association is alive and well!  Due to a series of challenges, we haven’t been in touch in a while, but with this newsletter, that will be changing.

We have been transforming our web site, email system, and our membership renewal and tracking system, bringing those up to speed after 11 years under the original software.  I ask for some patience while we work the kinks out, but within the next month you will see all the changes coming to fruition.

I have quite a bit of information to share, so please get comfortable.  In the future, we will be putting out a quarterly email newsletter which will be a bit shorter, but timelier.

Sadly, I need to let everyone know that our Association’s founding father and longtime Secretary, Art Martin passed away this summer. We were so blessed to have Art’s vision, energy and drive behind everything the F-14 Association did since its founding in 2003.  Words can’t begin to describe the loss we feel, but here is the announcement from his family:

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Random Tales

by William C. Barto (Grummam Memorial Park Historian and museum associate, Cradle of Aviation Museum)

stories no3 01

In this first installment of Tomcat Tales we will discuss briefly the