Wings Over Miami Air Museum:

F-14D, BuNO 164342 was delivered to the Navy on Aug. 22, 1991. While serving with VF-31, it participated in the last Tomcat cruise aboard the Roosevelt (CVN-71) and was one of the last F-14s to see combat in Iraq. It now resides at the Wings Over Miami Air Museum located at Kendall-Miami Airport. The aircraft arrived at Opa Locka airport on 28 September 2006 where it was demil’ed at the Coast Guard base. About a week later it was taken apart and trucked to the museum. It took about 1 week to put it back together and it’s now on display. Famed F-14 pilot Dale “Snort” Snodgrass (pictured) is on the Board of Directors of the museum.

Thank you to Dick McAlevey for the first four photos. The last photo with Snort was taken from their web site.