Heritage Park:

I (George (Nick) Smichnick) took custody of this F-14A BUNO 161863 around May of 2004 with the authority coming from Mr. Chris Frayser PMA 241. The NAS, Oceana SARDIP team (Mr. Jody Goucher) working for Mr. William (Taco) Bell arrived here at the DEPOT that year and performed SARDIP to 4 other F-14 aircraft, three F-14B and one F-14A. For the parts I needed to put this F-14A BUNO 161863 back together again, being Jody and I were both retired Aviation Navy shipmates he helped get me the parts I needed. I worked with Helen Watson and Jim Curry from Pensacola Museum to get them the Log Books and paper work as to where the aircraft would be parked for display. I called friends at AIRLANT and DLA to get the Dummy Missiles and external fuel tanks. This F-14A came to us for DEPOT, SDLM overhaul from VF-11. I wanted to save this F-14A for all the artisans that have overhauled/repaired the F-14's at NADEP, Norfolk and Jax for 32 years. We took a vote to see which squadron all the DEPOT employees would like to see painted onto that aircraft. The vote was for VF-84 Jolly Rogers painted in the 1976-1980 Gloss Polyurethane paint finish. I still had the original paint drawings and the stencils so we opted for that squadron with that paint scheme. We also liked the heritage of the VF-84 Jolly Rogers with the tale of Ensign Ernie from WWII. I had to do some tall talking to convince the Commanding officer of NAS, JAX (Master ASW Base) to let me park an F14 Fighter in their Heritage Park. However I got lucky. My cousin Mr. Ralph Pasini (Brigadeer General US Airforce) went to college with the base commander and I asked if he could make a call. They actually moved some aircraft around in the park and gave me a good spot for my F-14.

This F-14A is located at the Heritage Park located on the corner of Yorktown and Biscayne Streets, at the NAS Jacksonville, Florida.