Our Mission

"To Preserve the History of the Greatest Fighter Jet the
United States Navy Has Ever Flown."

Our primary purpose is to maintain contact among the members of the Tomcat community, keep members informed of developments in Naval Aviation, provide support to museums where F-14s are on display, and sponsor annual reunions of the F-14 family. Membership is open to anyone who has flown, worked on, or just plain love the F-14 aircraft.

This website is dedicated to the aircrews who risked their lives fighting for our freedom, the maintainers in the hangars and shops who kept these jets flying, the managers and support personnel who continually found the funds and supplies needed to hold it all together, and finally, the engineers, scientists, technicians and artisans who designed and built the F-14 and who through the years came up with the improvements to keep it in the air for 36 years.


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