Mission: To Preserve the History of the Greatest Fighter Jet the United States Navy Has Ever Flown.


VF-84 VF-103


Former Jolly Rogers! I hope this finds you well. We are approaching our 75th Anniversary and holding strong to the traditions and history of the original Skull and Crossbones squadron. We are holding a reunion party on January 26th, 2018, at the NAS Oceana O Club. Hope to see you there. 


CDR Dave "Omed" Casteel 
Commanding Officer 
Strike Fighter Squadron ONE ZERO THREE 
Jolly Rogers '01-'04, '15-'18

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Random Tales

by William C. Barto (Grummam Memorial Park Historian and museum associate, Cradle of Aviation Museum)

stories no3 01

In this first installment of Tomcat Tales we will discuss briefly the